Lowongan Kerja Perusahaan Saipem Indonesia Bulan Juni 2020

LOKERSAYA.COM, Lowongan Kerja Perusahaan Saipem Indonesia Bulan Juni 2020 Banyak cara orang untuk memilih pekerjaan yang bisa membuatnya meraih jejak karir yang tinggi. Salah satu cara orang untuk mendapatkan jenjang karir adalah mencari pekerjaan yang sesuai dengan keinginannya. Betul sekali, dengan memiliki pekerjaan yang anda senangi pasti seberat apapun tugas dan tanggung jawab yang diberikan perusahaan akan terasa ringan Apabila kamu bekerja dengan rasa bahagia. Jadi intinya lakukanlah pekerjaanmu dengan rasa senang sehingga kamu akan mendapatkan hasil yang lebih sempurna. Apabila sebaliknya, jangankan keberhasilan, kamu akan mendapatkan banyak tekanan dan merasa kebosanan sehingga kamu lebih mudah stres dan lelah. Sebuah informasi terbaru mengenai lowongan kerja perusahaan saipem Indonesia bulan Juni 2020. Kembali perusahaan saipem Indonesia memberikan peluang berkarir kepada talenta muda yang berpendidikan minimal sarjana. Bagi teman-teman yang berminat silakan ajukan lamaran secepatnya. Saipem is a leading company in engineering, drilling and construction of major projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors. It is “One-Company” organized in five business divisions (Offshore E and C, Onshore E and C, Offshore Drilling, Onshore Drilling and XSight, dedicated to conceptual design). Saipem is a global solution provider with distinctive skills and competences and high-tech assets, which it uses to identify solutions aimed at satisfying customer requirements. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, it is present in over 60 countries worldwide and has 32 thousand employees of 120 different nationalities. Saipem S.p.A. adalah perusahaan jasa ladang minyak multinasional Italia dan salah satu yang terbesar di dunia. Sampai 2016 itu adalah anak perusahaan supermajor minyak dan gas Italia Eni, yang masih mempertahankan sekitar 30% saham Saipem. PT Saipem Indonesia bergerak di bidang konstruksi dan instalasi minyak bumi dan gas alam

  • Minimum Bachelor Degree of University on Technical Major
  • Experience of working in oil and gas industry
  • Min. 10 years has experience of working as in hook up and at least 5 years experiences as Hook Up Superintendent for offshore project
  • Has experience of working in brownfield (live platform) and offshore area
  • As safety leader during work operation, he shall understand regarding Permit to Work system at brownfield, control of work, energy isolation


  • Plan, coordinate and control the Hook-up phase of the project, in accordance with Client and contractual requirements, within time and cost constraints and in compliance with HSE and Quality procedures
  • Express Hook-up needs during the E&P phases (e.g., Make or Buy, Constructability, Material Management) identifying optimum balance amongn time, cost and feasibility
  • Ensure offshore construction activities completion, effective handover to commissioning team and company final acceptance


  • Ensure that HSE and Quality procedures for Hook-up activities are correctly implemented
  • Ensure that Engineering disciplines are taking into account Hook-up requirements while developing detailed engineering deliverables, grant ing Hook-up material tagging and codification into material take off
  • Define Hook-up Project Execution Plan, interfacing with Fabrication, T&I and commissioning in line with Project requirements
  • Support the Project Management Team into the definition of Hook-up budget in line with the Project Execution Plan
  • Support Project Control in definition of schedule, staffing plan and cost control report
  • Define resources mobilization plan and ensure its implementation in cooperation with HR department
  • Ensure that Subcontract specifications and Technical Bid Evaluation are developed in a timely manner and in compliance with the Hook-up execution strategy
  • Ensure the preparation of Hook-up document list and Hook-up procedures and specifications by Project Hook-up lead
  • Participate or delegate participation to Hook-up team to engineering reviews (HAZID, Constructability, 3D model reviews,etc.)
  • Ensure that Hook-up Planning and Control detailed activities are performed through Hook-up Planning and Control system
  • Ensure that Hook-up requirements relevant to Welding, Painting & Coating and Quality Control activities are analyzed and that any special requirement is addressed in timely and effective manner, ahead the offshore campaign
  • Develop in cooperation with Fabrication a carry-over analysis aimed to minimize project disruptions due to non-completed activities in Fabrication Yard
  • Ensure in cooperation with Yard Project Manager that material management procedures are defined and enforced
  • Coordinate the Hook-up Offshore Team in order to ensure a smooth offshore campaign completion
  • Represent Saipem towards Clients, Partners and Subcontractors managing contractual aspects relevant to Hook-up phase
  • Ensure the implementation of methodologies related to risk and knowledge management and to Saipem Golden and Silver Rules
  • Contribute into the preparation of project lessons learnt guaranteeing the monitoring of hook-up performance to capitalize experiences and identifying areas of improvement
  • Support the project management functions in identifying and assessing any potential variation from contract
  • Ensure that Hook-up team liaising with Project Control provides progress data in a timely and effective manner and review overall outcome written and oral communication abilities.
  • Please send your update CV at the latest 14th June 2020 to [email protected].

We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position:
1. QC Inspector (Welding – Piping)
Work Location  : Papua Contract   : 12 Months
• Minimal education Diploma from related Technical Academy • Min. 10 years’ experience • Required for CSWIP 3.1 certificate
• Execute the field welding inspection, surveillance and Quality Control activities on site, collecting the relevant records • Ensure that all welding operations are executed in accordance with all relevant Codes and Standards and Subsidiaries procedures Quality Control Plans/Inspection Test Plans
• In accordance with the Quality Control Plans, execute the specific inspections on materials, equipment and construction/installation activities on site issuing the relevant Quality Records • Verify welding parameters and consum ables during operations • Be aware of welding procedures and qualification • Check welders qualifications • Check the availability and suitability of the welding equipment consumables, pre-heating, welding, heat treatment, bevels, the extent of the repairs made by the various welders (taking any corrective action required), the heat treatment record diagrams • Ensure that all welding, heat treatment and any hardness testing are in compliance with the relevant codes and specifications • Perform pipes line up check, ensuring that all installed pipe/fittings are compliant to the correct specification and that the material is in accordance with the specified material traceability requirements • Carry out visual inspections and issues relevant reports • Orderly collect and manage/check documents certifying tests, controls and inspections documents, ensuring that all welding and testing related records are properly retrievable within the final As Built dossier • In case of subcontractor activities, ensure the correct implementation of the approved Quality Control Plans/Inspection Test Plans, witnessing inspection and collecting relevant
2. QC Inspector (Electrical & Instrumentation)
Work Location  : Papua Contract   : 12 Months
Requirement: • Minimal education Diploma from related Technical Academy • Min. 10 years’ experience • Required for Compex certificate
• Ensure the supervision of electrical / instrumentation inspection activities and verify Quality Control Plans implementation.
• Check Quality Control Plans with reference to electrical / instrumentation activities • Check the availability and adequacy of consumables and equipment / instrumentation used for electrical / instrumentation execution and control • Verify that materia l and equipment are correctly received, stored, preserved, calibrated, handled, identified and traceable • Support and check the evaluation of the qualification of inspection personnel in charge of works, verify work procedures, including those relatin g to special processes • Support the definition of QC Information System rules • Supervise and witness inspections, check reports and documentation issued by inspectors and verify the collection of required Quality Records • Verify that tests, controls and inspections are carried out according to Quality Control Plans / Inspection Test Plans, checking the collection of relevant documentation also for the mechanical completion approval, and that personnel have access to all required project documentation • In case of subcontracted activities, verify the correct implementation of approved Quality Control Plans / Inspection Test Plans, witnessing inspections and collecting relevant Quality Control Records • Verify the collection and management of documents certifying test, controls and inspections, checking that all records are properly retrievable within the final As-Built dossier • Verify the preparation of the Quality works dossier for final handover to the Document Controller • Verify that the NCR management process is in place and effective
3. Contract Administrator
Work Location  : Karimun Contract   : 12 Months
• Minimal Education Bachelor Degree • Min. 10 years’ experience • The candidate has experience working with EPC or Oil & Gas
Mission • Ensure the supervision of electrical / instrumentation inspection activities and verify Quality Control Plans implementation.
Tasks • Manage and coordinate contract management activities ensuring that all aspects of the contract during the negotiation and execution phase are correctly addressed • Ensure that Golden Rules and Silver Guidelines are implemented • Manage the resources involved in contract management activities develop relevant professional competences and identify project staffing needs • Supervise the application of Saipem guidelines and standards relevant to contract management • Provide all necessary reports regarding contract management matter to the corporate/company/project management • Ensure collection and sharing of lessons learned, feedbacks and returns of experience on issues/criticalities encountered during contract management activities • Ensure, for the area of its remit, application of the industrial risk management methodology • Recover bid contractual summary, any legal analyses and other support documentation prepared during tender phase • Verify the completeness of contract documents (consistency check), supervise their distribution to project team members and regularly execute contract induction meetings • Assist the Project Manager in developing the contract management execution strategy and ensure change process on the project, including appropriate claim management actions • Ensure that all project specific contracts for goods, services or subcontracts are drafted incorporating contractual obligations and assisting the Project Manager in identifying critical packages (subcontractors and vendors) requiring special monitoring of contract risks • Participate in the periodical project budget review meetings • Review regulatory requirements • Review, update and complete all partner agreements according to contract/project development • Coordinate the contractual documentation filling • Ensure the contribution to the Legal function for the management of preliminary activities of litigations and contribute during the following activities
4. Quantity Surveyor
Work Location  : Karimun Contract   : 12 Months
Requirement: • Minimal Education Bachelor Degree • Min. 10 years’ experience • The candidate has experience working with EPC or Oil & Gas
Role Description Mission
• Execute the implementation on projects of the Management/Construction Information Systems utilized for the management of construction quantities, for the planning, progress recording, quality assessment, accounting of construction works, and collecting erected/installed quantities, in compliance with projects requirements and Company procedures • In case of activities on Mechanical Information Systems the mission includes coordination of the implementation of Spooling, Welding and Material Traceability Systems
The Quantity Surveyor supports the Construction Manager and the Discipline Superintendent in the following tasks. In case of activities on Civil, Building, Electrical and Instrumental disciplines:
• Update the project bill of quantities in the form of a quantity record booklet according to passive invoicing procedures • Update the project management database with actual data • Supply/verify quantitative data for the preparation of extra works and dayworks and support the Discipline Superintendent and management team for proper definition of any NP (New Price) and CWO (Change Work Order) • Ensure the monitoring of daily manhours/equipment spent by site contractors or by direct hiring activities • Monitor the actual quantities in order to assess both the active and the passive progress measurement according with the contracts in place • Verify the correct implementation and use of the project management information systems for the project (also for subcontractors when required) • Verify data consistency in respect to company procedures, project agreements, preambles, price list and specific requirements defined in the subcontracts in place • Assist the Discipline Superintendent and Mgmt Syst. and Quantity Manager for the creation of the necessary reports • Assist the Mgmt Syst. and Quantity Manager for the creation of the quantity management reports and construction costs estimate to complete • Verify the monitoring of daily manhours/equipment spent by site subcontractors or by direct hiring activities • Ensure the correct work progress statements and relevant certification of subcontractors works, for accountability purposes,in accordance with the project procedures, preambles, price list, Company standards and information systems, and contract/subcontracts requirements • Support the Construction Manager and management team (i.e Discipline Superintendent, Contract Manager, Risk Manager, Project manager) for early detection of risks and opportunities related to the performance of the subcontractors delay estimation, backup plan against subcontractor claims, etc.) • Assist the Construction Manager and the Discipline Superintendent in the technical-administrative settling of claims presented by subcontractors and/or to Client • Assist the Construction Manager and the Discipline Superintendent in the analysis of construction feasibility of its own discipline based on IFC drawings • Assist the Construction Manager and the Discipline Superintenden the budgeting of preemptive accountability based on IFC drawings • In addition to all the above, in case of coordination of a team of Quantity Surveyors, the coordinator, with suitable • experience and seniority, shall effectively drive the team (internal or external resources) maintaining the targets of the • project and/or embrace the ownership and responsibility of more than one discipline

 Lowongan Kerja Perusahaan Saipem Indonesia Bulan Juni  Lowongan Kerja Perusahaan Saipem Indonesia Bulan Juni 2020

Please send your qualified CV and related Certificate to: [email protected]